The World Affairs Council – Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky hosts our annual high school event, 每年的国际教育峰会(IES),旨在提高学生对全球问题和全球职业生涯的意识. In its 15th year, we partner with Northern Kentucky University, Miami University, Cleveland Council on World Affairs, and World Affairs Council of Northwest Ohio to bring you robust, engaging virtual resources and engaging conversations. Now, we welcome our community members, teachers, and students all to join in the conversation in this virtual setting. Click here to view the 2020 Summit.

2021 IES | Your Future IN the World

mg娱乐国际将邀请演讲者向您介绍世界上的挑战以及这些挑战带来的职业机遇. 你将了解全球问题,但也了解广泛的全球职业道路,一些独特的.

The interconnectedness of our one world is irrefutable.

“Many of you will, but not everyone will, have an international education, an overseas experience, or learn another language.  Yet all of you will be making decisions that affect what happens in our world, to our world and to all of us in it.  The more globally informed those decisions are, the better our outcomes will be.  All organizations are global in some way or another.  It’s a question of recognizing how we fit in and what we do with those connections which matters.  How we hone our global IQ’s in the coming years which are now and will be full of change, are critical decisions to consider.” – Deborah Schultz, Founder of Trans-Border Solutions

Currently, we face a pandemic and  global warming, neither of which respects borders.  At the same time, there is displacement of millions of people across borders.  成功地解决这些问题和其他问题,需要在全球专业人士和公民的领导下,在世界范围内达成高度一致和合作.  We are all inextricably tied together on planet earth.  We need brave new models of cooperation and collaboration. Globalization is changing.

Your global future and ability to address what comes next matters greatly. 

Join us now as we explore issues that matter to our future!

***You must register for each event individually. If you register but are unable to attend the event, you will be sent the recording afterwards. All videos from this years program will be recorded for easy viewing. Students and teachers will hear from a diverse group of speakers representing governmental, community, business, and nonprofit organizations.

Listen to NKU President Ashish Vaidya as he introduces our 2021 Summit!

Students and Teachers– this Summit is for YOU!

对辛辛那提和北肯塔基州的世界事务委员会来说,学生和教师是非常重要的. 去年,mg娱乐国际让学生们就对他们来说最重要的问题分享他们的观点. These images reflect the top issues and foreign relations that the students identified.

mg娱乐国际需要您的帮助,让国际教育峰会成为mg娱乐国际城市全球教育的首选地. Please share your feedback via surveys linked for each session. You can also find a survey about the entire summit below.


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Schedule of Events

October 21

9am- The Value of Global Competence: Views from Young Professionals




About the Program:加入四位年轻的专业人士(31-40岁),学习如何好奇和接触国际思想, education and experiences have led to different outcomes.  Whether it’s working for a local non-profit on a global problem or in D.C.,  volunteer work here or abroad,  or the twists and turns of establishing unexpected careers, these panelists have stories to tell.  What motivates them and what matters to them on this one planet we all share?  你会听到一些关于他们的世界观和关注点,以及他们和你所创造的全球能力和文化理解的可能性. 最重要的是,他们将有足够的时间来回答你的问题和你对未来的担忧.   

This panel discussion will be moderated by Deborah Schultz, 辛辛那提和北肯塔基州世界事务委员会顾问委员会成员,跨国界解决方案创始人. 

Panelists Include:

David Crookham— Major in the US Marine Corps Reserve

Meagan Hawkins– Communications Director at The Chertoff Group

Thomas Schultz– Data and Program Manager at Green Umbrella

Lindley Winchester— Senior Language Engineer at Amazon

You can find more information about our panelists here.


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12pm- Flash Chat: German Consul General Wolfgang Moessinger




About the Program: In this session, Wolfgang Mӧssinger, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany– Chicago office, will discuss the bilateral ties between the Midwestern United States and Germany. 了解更多mg娱乐国际的总领事在mg娱乐国际地区所做的工作,以加强mg娱乐国际两国之间的文化和经济联系. Consul General Mӧssinger will discuss the current state of the German economy, world affairs, and developments in Germany’s landmark election. As a city with a deep history of German heritage, learn more about how the U.S. and Germany can continue to work together in international diplomacy.

About the Speaker: Wolfgang Mӧssinger is Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany for the Midwest, based in Chicago. After school and military service he studied German, French and History at the Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg. He joined the Federal Foreign Office in 1987. His first postings abroad were Dakar, Helsinki and Moscow. From 2008 to 2012 he was Consul General in Edinburgh, from 2012 to 2015 Deputy Ambassador in Baku, from 2015 to 2019 Consul General in Dnipro (Eastern Ukraine). On July 1, 2019 he joined the Consulate General in Chicago.
Consul General Moessinger is married to Mairéad Winters-Moessinger, an Irish citizen. The couple has two adult daughters.

You can view his C.V. here.

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4pm- Food is Essential: Examining COVID’s Impact on the Global Supply Chain and Food Insecurity


About the Program: In this session, 地区公司和非营利组织的成员将分享他们所在行业由于COVID-19大流行而面临的经济挑战. Learn more about how supply and demand, governmental policy, and climate issues have affected the availability and prices of the food we eat. 发言者将讨论covid - 19相关因素如何给全球供应链带来压力,以及他们的组织如何转向以确保客户和社区的需求仍得到满足. 了解更多关于如何在这些困难时期成为一个有意识的消费者并支持当地企业的信息.

Panelists Include: 

Sean Brislin-Director of Deli Prepared Foods, Culinary, and Hospitality at Kroger

Suzy DeYoung– Founder and Executive Director at La Soupe

Michael Truitt– Director of Community Partnerships and Programs at Freestore Foodbank

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7pm- Languages Equal Opportunity: Language & Culture Career Exploration

Presented by the World Affairs Council of Northwest Ohio


About the Program: Fluency in world languages can be a game-changer when it comes to your career path.  The World Affairs Council of Northwest Ohio invites you to our program, Languages Equal Opportunity:  Language & Culture Career Exploration.  On October 21st, from 7-8:00 p.m., we will have a live session as part of the World Affairs Council of Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky’s International Education Summit: “Your Future IN the World.” 

In this session, participants will hear from Dr. Linda Rouillard, Chair of the World Languages Department at the University of Toledo, about the myriad opportunities to make language acquisition a part of their career plan.  参加者将选择由商业等不同职业领域的专家进行讨论的分组会议, engineering, education, government/diplomacy, and healthcare.

Panelists Include: 

Bill Hilt, President of the World Affairs Council of Northwest Ohio

Dr. Linda Rouillard, Chair of the Department of World Languages and Cultures at the University of Toledo

Wendi Howell, Ohio Department of Development

Tyler Easton, student at Ashland University

Mike Whalen, VP of Sales and Marketing at SecuraStock

Lance Erickson, US Department of State, Former director of the Center for Slavic and East European Studies at Ohio State University


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November 3

7:10am – Local Solutions to Global Challenges: Creating a Green Cincinnati



About the Program: In August, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released an alarming report on the current status of the environment and the impact that it will have on humanity. Around the world, youth have become outspoken advocates in demanding that governments, businesses, and nonprofit organizations make changes to ensure the sustainability of the planet. In this session, you will be inspired to “think globally and act locally.” Speakers from the City of Cincinnati’s Office of Environment & Sustainability and other area nonprofits will discuss the Green Cincinnati Plan, 一个大胆的愿景,让辛辛那提走上100%可再生能源的道路,并促进可持续发展, equity, and resilience of our city. 鼓励倡导影响你所在社区的气候问题,并了解更多的志愿者机会,以协助当地领导人为创造更可持续的未来所做的工作.

Speakers Include: 

Kelsey Hawkins-Johnson– Community Outreach Coordinator at Groundwork Ohio River Valley

Oliver Kroner- Sustainability Manager for the City of Cincinnati

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November 4

12pm- Flash Chat: Consul General Bart Twaalfhoven of the Netherlands



About the Program: Join us for a brief chat with Bart Twaalfhoven, Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for the Midwestern United States. Learn more about the cultural and economic ties between the United States and the Netherlands .. 特瓦尔霍芬总领事也将与领事馆分享他的背景和职业道路.

Learn more about Consul General Twaalfhoven here.


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4pm – A Look at Immigration & Global Migration: Resources for Educators

Presented by the Cleveland Council on World Affairs

FEEDBACK SURVEY Email for CEU Requests

*To receive your free CEU credits (1 hour), please email Manager of Global Education, Elizabeth Colvin at

About the Program: 加入克利夫兰世界事务委员会,就移民和全球移民问题进行一个小时的会议. mg娱乐国际邀请初高中教师(7-12年级)参与,探讨移民美国的历史和当前的美国.S. policy, as well as the issue of the global refugee crisis. We will share lesson plans, resources, and tools for educators to address this challenging topic in their classrooms. The workshop is appropriate for middle and high school history, social studies, and humanities teachers, including AP and IB educators.

About the Speaker: Elizabeth Colvin is a manager at the Cleveland Council on World Affairs. She is responsible for a cross-cultural communication training program, a globally-minded leadership development experience for young professionals, 以及专注于支持教育工作者教授全球问题的能力的专业发展规划. Elizabeth之前在Breakthrough Schools担任小学英语语言艺术老师,并在2015年担任Teach For America corps成员. She is a Georgetown University alumnus with a B.A. in Government and Art History, and holds a M.S.Ed. from Johns Hopkins University’s School of Education.

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7pm -After the Airlift: Examining the Afghan Refugee Crisis Post-Taliban Takeover



About the Program: In this conclusion to the International Education Summit, Dr. 国际难民组织的Yael Schacher将就阿富汗目前的人道主义和流离失所危机发表主旨演讲. As 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that led to the global War on Terror, learn more about how the U.S. 在塔利班接管政府后的混乱局面下,正在审视其对该地区的义务. This session will address how governments, the United Nations, 各种人道主义组织已经在努力——也应该共同努力,以满足阿富汗国内外流离失所的阿富汗人的需求. 与会者将更多地了解难民在美国定居所面临的挑战,以及他们如何倡导确保世界各地难民和移民的人权. Dr. Schacher 还将强调造成人道主义和疏散危机的因素,并预测难民和人道主义社区在未来几年将面临哪些问题和趋势.

About the Speaker: Yael Schacher is a senior U.S. advocate at Refugees International, where she focuses on U.S. asylum, U.S. refugee admissions, temporary protected status, and immigration practices that have refugee protection implications. Prior to joining Refugees International, 雅艾尔花了10年的时间研究移民和难民政策之间的关系,为她即将出版的关于美国庇护史的书做准备.S. since the late nineteenth century. 她曾在康涅狄格大学(University of Connecticut)任教,并在哈佛法学院(Harvard Law School)讲授移民历史和难民政策, the University of Minnesota, and numerous academic conferences and public forums. In recent years, 雅艾尔在康涅狄格难民和移民研究所专注于为寻求庇护和其他人道主义身份的人提供直接的法律代表. Most recently, Yael was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Texas at Austin, 在那里,她结合了关于庇护的历史研究和代表寻求庇护者的倡导(与法学院的移民诊所和正义邻邦组织).
Yael has an M.A. in History and a Ph.D. in American Studies from Harvard University and a B.A. in literature from Columbia University.

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